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Long ago, when goalies used to wear the old leather style pads, the ones that added 15 more pounds to your gear when they got wet, I used to play goalie. I wasn’t very good, but always enjoyed hangin with the guys and being in the rink. Without boring you with the gory details, that was the inspiration behind the name of this blog. Many who have goaltended will tell you it provides a very different & unique view of the game. Not much different than a rink manager most of the time (well, except for the skaters and the puck and the guys hitting each other and falling down).

It's simple really, when I was lugging my son around to rinks at all hours of the day, I saw some pretty skanky rinks and experienced some whacky things. We all have. But suffice it to say, we don’t all really understand what goes on behind the scenes at these places. Working at the rink has given me a new perspective and appreciation for what the rink employees face day in and day out. Hopefully, this blog will help bridge the gap and answer the age old question, what the heck are these people doing here at the rink…it can’t be that hard!!!  Well actually, at times …it can!  In retrospect, the blog could have very well been named “From The Directors Desk, but blaaaaah, who would read that? I mean, that begs the question, what does some middle age guy shaped like pear who is pushing papers know about hockey? Precisely.

This blog is intended to be informal and touch on subjects near and dear to hockey parents hearts, and then again, at times, it will include opinions on a range of subjects related to the Rink Community at large. And then there will be times it has nothing to do with anything, but a rambling of ideas and observations. Thus the name “Blog”. Whatever that is supposed to mean…..In the end, I hope its informative and we can all learn more about the rink world and how we can use this wonderful resource to enrich the lives of our kids and families in our communities.

So check in from time to time and feel free to reply if you feel so inclined. Always happy to discuss ways to make our arena better and improve our service to the community. Remember, we’re here to serve you and help provide a safe and dynamic community resource.

Before I go, A reminder to check out the “Livebarn”. It can be a useful tool if you have family members or friends that can’t get to hockey games regularly. As long as the team is playing in a rink that supports Livebarn, and many are now a days (and the number is growing) you can view the action or even view games after the fact using the on demnd function of the website. Check out our promo codes and use them when you sign up. That’s a 10% savings to you every month you use the service, AND it helps the rink in a big way. We get 30% of the proceeds from each subscription.

See You around the Rink!  Brian


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