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    Amelia Park offers four public skating programs that are fun and easy to get involved in. General Public Skating, Puck Time, Stick Time and Parent & Tot are available.

    Dates and times may change unexpectedly, especially in the summer. Check the up to date Rink Schedule before coming to the rink.

    General Public Skating

    Grab your friends & family, and join us at Amelia Park Ice Arena year round!  Skating is fun for families, dates, large groups and special events. Watch for our theme skate nights!  Skates rentals are available.

    Child & Senior
    Skate Rentals
    Saturday 3-5PM $8 $6 $4
    Saturday 8-10PM $10 $10 $4
    Sunday 1-2PM $6 $5 $4


    Freestyle Skating

    Freestyle is reserved for figure skaters that want to practice their skills in a non-competitive environment..

    1 Hour
    2 Hours
    Skate Rentals (if required)
    $15 $25 $4

    Puck Times

    Puck Time is reserved for players and individuals to work on their hockey skills at their own pace on a full rink. “Jr Puck time, when offered is reserved for children 13 years of age and under. Full gear is required. We will provide a clean sheet of ice, the pucks and nets. You bring the inspiration! Schedule fluctuates on a weekly basis. Check times before you head out to see us.

    1 HR
    Skate Rentals (if required)
    $8 $4


    Stick Time (14yrs and older)

    Grab your friends and head on over to the rink for a pickup game when stick time is on the schedule.  A great activity for all hockey enthusiasts regardless of your age or ability level.  Full gear is required.  One hour and one and a half hour blocks of ice. Check the schedule to see times and dates.

    1 HR
    1.5 HR
    Skate Rentals (if required)
    $12 (All) $18 (Only 14 years & older) $4


    Parent and Youth

    Blocks of ice that provide a safe, fun place for parents and younger children to spend quality time with each other. A great chance to get away from the computer screen and TV and get the blood pumping. Who knows, you make some new friends while you’re here.

    2:00P-3:00P Saturday
    12:00P-1:00P Sundays 


    Skate Rentals (if required
    Parents: $5 Tots: $5 Skates: $4

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